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Poynter. » Why Washington Post journalist first wrote about her rape, 28 years later


Mallory Tenore examines how journalists report on rape after Melinda Henneberger, reporter at the Washington Post, decided to share her story about being raped years ago.

One in six women will be sexually assaulted during her lifetime, and 97 percent of rapists will never spend a day in jail, recent statistics show. Based on those figures, someone in your newsroom has been sexually assaulted.

Being aware of this reality informs our decisions when we assign stories and report them. When we understand that sexual assault is common, we’re less likely to make assumptions about our colleagues and our sources. We may also be less inclined to make comments that belittle the severity of sexual assault — and more inclined to cover it as an ongoing issue rather than as a one-time event.

Too often, journalists write about sexual assaults right after they occur and neglect to write follow-ups that highlight how traumatic these assaults can be. 

Read more on Poynter.

bryan konietzko: Mike & Bryan on NPR, Friday April 13 →


Mike and I will be on the NPR program All Things Considered tomorrow, Friday April 13th, talking about Korra and Avatar. We did a really cool interview with Neda Ulaby, meaning she asked cool questions (I don’t know if we were cool). We’re really excited and honored to be on that show! Our…


On route from the dentist today I listened to a story about how the first academy award for best actor almost went to Rin Tin Tin, a war hero/German Shepherd dog. That obviously did not happen, but what if? 

Also apparently there were up to 80 different German Shepherds hired as actors during the silent film era. 

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